Welcome to the Suburban Lifestyler!

Suburban Lifestyer Limited is both a philosopy for living and a commercial concept based on a retail and service business. We feel the growing movement toward semi-urban lifestyle living can help us sustain ourselves while helping others to also become suburban lifestylers.

The products we promote include custom-built chicken coops and fowl runs, chickens, raised fertile
garden beds, rain water tanks and compost bins and a range of of tools and gadgets to make home
lifestyles easy to maintain.

We are investigating solar heating and wind harvesting to help power gardens, and insulation products. We will also provide setup services - simple guides to raising chickens, planting seasonal gardens, companion gardening and advice on ways to freeze, bake, preserve and cook the products you harvest.

Using our experiences and the experiences of our friends, we will guide each other through the planting seasons, teach about soil and growth, help you explore the exciting challenges of making your own wine, beer and cider and suggest recipes and cooking advice which will maximise your crops.

We will provide or recommend the products, services and advice necessary to maintain chickens, gardens and orchards, to make and use compost. We'll help you with start-up kits, plants, manure, specialist chicken supplies and aids which will help ensure your urban adventure complies with bylaws, keeps your neighbours happy and gives you every chance of getting products and pleasure from your back yard in the city

Facing a Shrinking World with Confidence

The Suburban Lifestyle is a kit-set concept for a more natural lifestyle. YOU decide on a future plan for your family and your home and YOU work toward your own level of self-sufficiency.

We'll make it simple with suggestions and guidance, and supply ideas for getting a return on your efforts. We don't plan to charge for everything.

Rather we'll encourage you with learning lifestyle skills that may change your diet, your health and your outlook. Then we'll put you in touch with the resources you need and will make our income as a reseller or providing practical services.

Inevitably there is a cost in making it happen, but when you invest in what you eat and in ways to save money you currently spend, it's a very different calculation. It's also a gradual process - but well worth the change.

How to start

 Potentially you could recover the cost of a rainwater harvesting system that will provide water to much of your house in about three years, while adding value to your property.

After that you'll be profiting from the rain.
 Chickens in your garden will produce your own eggs mainly from food scraps and reduce the charges you now face for dumping organic waste.

They also make great pets.
 A compact box garden or two can grow heaps of your favourite vegetables and sharply reduce supermarket bills.  

There's nothing like fresh vegies!
 A good compost bin will save organic waste charges proposed by the council and feed your box garden. 
Composts thrive on leaves and grass clippings too.

Beat Water Charges!   Don't Pay To Dump Organic Waste!  Grow Food At home!

The Suburban Lifestyler